High Quality Childcare for Children

  • As an Occupational therapist I also work with children & my professional opinion is that Petra is providing a care of a very high standard & such a wide selection of activities.¬† My husband & I love to read our children's weekly reports. I can see that she & her assistant are wonderful with all the children & they are made for this job.

  • I have been very happy with the service Petra has provided for my son. He has been in her care and we have been impressed by the learning and development that has taken place with her as well as the loving environment she has created for the children she looks after.

  • Petra is a fantastic childminder-that great combination of being really good fun and also incredibly organised and efficient with all the relevant paperwork.
    She is really easy going and totally trustworthy-the kids love her and so do the parents.

  • Petra has been looking after my daughter for over 3 years now and she has absolutely flourished being with Petra.
    We could not have sent her to a better childminder and we are very happy to recommend her services.

  • Petra has had my daughter since she was 3 months old, she is now 3 and a half and in that time I have never felt the need to complain about anything.
    The children absolutely love her and she makes their time with her so entertaining and interesting.

  • Ofsted Says

    The childminder is proactive in planning exciting and interesting activities for the children and uses all her knowledge and resources to help the children achieve their goals ..........

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do pick ups/drop offs from local nurseries?

Our setting is dedicated to caring for babies and toddlers. To ensure their routine stays settled at this early stage I am not currently undertaking the nursery run.

Do I have to pay for holidays?

When I am on holiday, I don't charge you. I usually take two weeks during August, a week at Christmas and another week in May or October. Rest assured you will be given my Holiday policy with all the dates well in advance. I write a new Holiday policy every September allowing parents to make arrangements and plan ahead.

Do you give discounts for siblings?

Great news…YES! I give 10% sibling discount.

What happens if my child is ill?

If your child has a cold and doesn’t have temperature then I am happy to continue caring for them. If your child has sickness, diarrhoea, conjunctivitis or anything infectious I won’t be able to look after them until 48 hours after the illness. If your child becomes ill whilst in my care, it may be necessary for you to collect them early depending on their illness.

What should my child wear?

Our daily routine can vary with activities some of which can involve: paint, play dough, glue and lots of other creative but ‘messy’ fun stuff! Although I provide aprons, it is advisable that your child does not wear their best clothes.
In summer months we cherish every opportunity to enjoy the sunshine by enjoying trips to the zoo, park or even making sand castles in the garden. It’s for this reason parents are advised that children are wearing sun cream and bring a sun hat. During the winter months, please ensure your child has a warm coat, gloves, hat etc as we still go out to play.

What happens if you or your assistant get sick?

I’m rarely sick and have never closed in the past due to sickness. Should such a situation arise, under current OFSTED rules I would have to close as my assistant is not entitled to care for the children for more than 2 hours without my presence.
If my assistant gets sick, rest assured there is a Plan B! I have two other OFSTED registered assistants who will come to the rescue.

Can you describe your assistant?

My assistant is OFSTED registered and CRB checked. He holds a First Aid certificate and regularly attends childminding courses with me to keep up to date with the latest regulations and practices. As we are both members of Barnet Quality Assurance Scheme, he has been observed while working with children and interviewed by a Development Officer.

Do you have any pets?

Yes, I have a soft and cuddly Golden Retriever dog called Google. This breed is renowned for its intelligence and gentle nature allowing it to guide dog for the blind, there is a reason I named her Google she knows all the answers! Google is very friendly and loved by all children, not surprising since they are also one of the most popular family dogs.

How is my child’s progress shared with me?

I talk to parents when they come to collect their child, I run a parents evening once a year, some progress is recorded in weekly reports. We use a computer program called Tapestry to share children's development with parents.

What do I need to provide?

Spare clothes, wipes, nappies, nappy rash cream, a comfort toy/dummy if the child uses it at home.

What sort of sleeping arrangement do you have in your childminding setting?

I offer sleeping cots for little ones and beds for older children. Every child has his/her own bedding. Set sleeping time/quiet time is from 1.00-2.30/3.00pm. Children who don’t need their afternoon time anymore are offered books, blocks, puzzles, quiet activities, can listen to a CD, watch DVD's etc.

How many children do you look after?

My assistant and I are entitled to look after maximum of six children under 5 years old at the same time. From those a maximum of two can be under 1 year. We are a great team and manage very well to handle babies and older children at the same time.